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Bathroom Architecture & 3D visualisation

Our design process is nothing short of comprehensive and meticulously planned. We use CAD technologies and 3D visuals to pre-empt every detail of your project, ensuring flawless execution and a result that we hope goes well beyond your expectations.

Where possible, we perform a detailed site visit to fully appreciate the unique facets of the space. If your project is still in the early stages, we are perfectly happy to work from your architects’ plans.

We provide comprehensive 3D drawings, including bird’s-eye views, elevations and floor plans showing the layout of the space and a variety of design options.

We present your designs for fine tuning and final approval before providing a detailed quotation for all the elements required.

Our goal is to bring your vision to life with precision, creativity and a commitment to excellence.

Bathroom Architecture & 3D visualisation

Surfacing consultation & specification

Rely on our experience when specifying materials and ancillary products so that they are suitable for the application and considerate to the wider environment.

We will consult with you, your designer and architect and your builder to establish exactly what will work in the space and within the tolerances allowed. This is a critical element of the planning process which will help avoid delays and unnecessary costs.

Surfacing consultation & specification

Technical consultation & design

We take great care and all the time you require to discuss design concepts; layout plans and material choices to ensure your project not only looks beautiful but also functions perfectly and meets all your practical requirements.

If you are an interior designer, architect or builder we fully understand the challenges you face when juggling your clients’ needs. We offer you our expertise and comprehensive product knowledge to ensure you not only save precious time but deliver a great experience and outcome for your clients. See our case studies…

We help you bring together all the technical and design elements which we firmly believe is at the heart of a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design that stands the test of time.

Technical consultation & design

Free material samples sent directly to you

Our free sample service works for everyone and underpins your final choices, here’s why;

Visual Assessment

Samples allow you to physically see and touch the material, helping you assess colour, texture, pattern and overall appearance in different lighting conditions.

Quality Evaluation

Samples provide a hands-on experience to assess the quality, durability and performance of the material, helping you make informed decisions before you invest.

Client Approval

Design professionals can use samples to present material options to clients, allowing clients to choose based on their preferences. 


Designers and architects can use samples to check how different materials work together and complement each other in the intended space. 


Having multiple samples allows for easy comparison between different options, aiding in choosing the most suitable material for a particular project.


Contractors and builders can use samples to finalise material selections before making bulk purchases for construction projects. 

or if you require a larger sample than a typical swatch of 100mm x 100mm then just call us as there may only be a small charge if we are unable to deliver by hand.

Free material samples sent directly to you

Fully managed material procurement & distribution from anywhere in the world

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Fully managed material procurement & distribution from anywhere in the world

It’s all in the detail. Here are just a few reasons why you should let us do the heavy lifting for you…!


We are very selective when choosing suppliers, manufacturers and distributors who we know will provide the required materials at competitive prices while meeting our strict quality standards. 


Leave it to us to organise transportation and delivery of your materials to the project site, ensuring they arrive on schedule and in proper condition. Should the worst happen, and materials are damaged in transit we respond immediately and decisively with our suppliers to ensure replacements are issued without delay. 

Supplier Relationships

We go to great lengths to understand how our suppliers work and their capabilities. It’s great when things go perfectly but the true measure is how people react to a problem. We encourage open and honest communication with our suppliers and provide a balanced approach for everyone’s benefit. 

Risk Management

With the project schedule and agreed specification firmly at the centre we mitigate risk for our clients by pre-empting the availability of materials for manufacture, managing potential quality issues by procuring control samples and anticipating delivery delays through regular communication with our shipping partners.


We handle all your purchase transactions with suppliers, negotiating the best terms, and importantly the often-complex details that can lead to costly mistakes if not scrutinised thoroughly at the ordering stage. 

Quality Control

When goods move through our warehouse, we fully inspect for completeness and quality. Sometimes materials are delivered direct to site where we have less control. In this instance we actively coach our clients in what to look out for and will liaise with suppliers should the need arise. 

Cost Management

We work stringently within your budget by monitoring costs associated with material procurement and actively seek to reduce expenses on your behalf 


In addition to supplying key information like technical data sheets to your build teams we keep accurate digital records of all your purchases, orders and deliveries, and any relevant documentation that can help resolve future questions that arise.

Full technical support and advice provided to contractors / tradespeople

We understand the language; let us chat through what’s needed with your contractors and discover any showstoppers ahead of time.! 

Project Planning

We regularly collaborate with contractors to help plan your project’s technical aspects for the materials we are supplying including best practice, timelines for delivery, and the correct treatment.

Construction Methods

We willingly share best practices, techniques, and construction methods with your contractors to assist with great workmanship and compliance with standards.

Material Selection

With your contractors help we will verify the materials you have chosen are suitable for the application and project environment and importantly meet the budget requirements that have been set. 

Problem Resolution

We are on hand to assist with identifying and resolving technical challenges that may arise during construction, offering solutions to ensure minimum downtime.

Full technical support and advice provided to contractors / tradespeople

Technical Training

If there is a knowledge gap when installing materials supplied by us, we have rapid access for contractors to receive on-site training from our suppliers or access to digital training aids to ensure correct installation methods are carried out.


We will collate and distribute all relevant technical documentation, produce drawings, specifications, and reports to ensure the correct information is in the right hands.

Continuous Support

We offer ongoing assistance and consultations throughout the project’s lifecycle, from planning to completion and often beyond that when our clients need us. 


We have the relevant experience and knowledge to effectively manage information between everyone involved. This ensures we are all aligned and make sure the smallest details are considered to get the right result every time.