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 We are passionate about the products we source, maintaining a keen eye on the latest design trends and innovations.

Welcome to Hard Decor

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For all our clients; including discerning private buyers and industry professionals such as architects, interior designers, developers and construction companies we underpin the choices made with meticulous attention to detail and technical planning so that we all get it right from the outset. This way we save you precious time, minimise unnecessary costs and importantly keep stress levels to an absolute minimum.

We are on hand to help, so please feel free to get in touch and allow us to share the load.

Kitchen surfacing
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Bathroom Architecture

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Our knowledge and experience have been honed over many years and numerous projects to ensure your bathroom makes you smile every time with the combination of aesthetic elegance and effortless practicality. Our team will work closely with you and your installation experts to create a concept that is true to your design aspirations and functional requirements using materials that are unique to you.

Your project will come to life with three dimensional imagery illustrating your design choices and then, following input from your build team refined to ensure everything will work as it should for you. We provide the full package of material specifications and dimensional drawings to all involved.

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Surface Coverings

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Our ranges of surfacing materials include luxury vinyl tiles, natural wood materials that can be finished specifically to your exact colour palette, natural stone, marble and the finest porcelain stoneware for every room inside and outside your home.

We will happily coordinate worktop templating, fabrication and installation for wherever you require with whatever materials you choose.

Our specialism is to help guide you through the myriad of surfacing material types that are absolutely fit for your purpose, meet your budget and if appropriate present alternatives that could potentially save you thousands of pounds.

Once you have made your choices, we then set about coordinating the procurement, transportation and safe delivery of your materials to meet your build schedule. We facilitate this through our network of UK suppliers or from our overseas producers and shipping partners.

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Whilst we do not directly employ our own tradesmen, we can on your behalf engage with our trusted network of skilled installers who will review your project and provide detailed costings to assist your budgeting and build timescales. We are on hand to ensure that the supply of materials from us and their subsequent fixing are smoothly coordinated and technically perfect.

Meet the Team

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Mark Hawkins - Director Hard Decor

Mark Hawkins

from Simon's point of view....

Mark can be marginally smug with his encyclopaedic knowledge of stone & porcelain materials; The truth which I often cite is that he has probably forgotten more about these products than most people know.!

If anyone asks me for a particular colour or texture they would like to match, or a solution for bespoke fabricated materials I quickly pass the baton to Mark and he makes it his mission to find what they want at full speed.

He always seems to find a supplier from his little black book of contacts wherever in the world who will source what is needed and in time for the project schedule.

He’s added wooden flooring and luxury vinyl tiles to his armoury so feel free to challenge him any time.!

Mark’s superpower – Spreadsheets are his thing and complex pricing for all our larger projects.

Simon Wainewright

from Mark's point of view....

I have read what Simon says and here is my response; Simon is a prolific builder and fixer of all things and will happily climb into any challenge you throw at him.

He gets really interested when there are lots of moving parts and usually when time is running out.

Simon knows bathrooms inside out and is the chief architect of all our client’s bathroom designs, material specification and liaison officer between all stakeholders. If you are looking for a design and layout that will work like a Swiss watch, then I suggest you get Simon involved.

I am gradually getting him interested in stone, wood and other stuff but he typically finds other more obscure challenges to work on or an excuse to get his tools out. If he can do some woodwork he’s right in his element!

Simon’s superpower – His attention to detail and knowledge of his subject matter is right up there with mine.

Simon Wainewright - Director Hard Decor

The wider team

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We work with a tried and trusted group of material suppliers, fabricators and installers who quite simply make us look great.

As busy as they are, all of them will bend over backwards to assist us when our clients are under pressure and need materials manufactured or supplied in time to meet their project schedule.
We will be happy to introduce you as we progress through your design and planning.